Stainless Lead Times Extended

Stainless Lead Times Extended

Sincerely, thank you to everyone who has participated in our stainless steel exhaust sale thus far! It has been a success, but it’s safe to say our production is behind schedule. It’s all hands on deck in our fabrication shop and we’re definitely cranking. The volume of systems on order exceeds our output, so we’re adding hands and hours to keep up. We’ve drained the inventory of many of our suppliers, which throws off scheduling a bit. We’re keeping up and we continue to accept new orders, but out of respect for current and future customers we must provide this notice to let everyone know that we will likely exceed our published lead times.

We’re being as diligent as possible in providing updated lead times when we can, but it’s tough to accurately estimate everyone at-once. If you’re looking for an update, please contact us directly via email or by phone 410-923-0411. We are also typically available via chat during business hours.

We would like to respectfully ask for everyone’s patience while we get caught up. If your order has extraordinary time constraints, such as military travel please contact us to discuss. We thank everyone for your business and we’re excited to see so many start their summer off with a 42 Draft Designs exhaust system.

Messaging Via Social Media

We do accept messages via Facebook and Instagram, however we prefer to use email whenever possible for order inquiries. We take security, your privacy, and message response time seriously. In the past we’ve missed critical messages sent via social media due to a basic flaw in their systems. @42draftdesigns is logged into 3-4 phones and up to 10 PCs at once. If a message comes in and the notification is inadvertently cleared no one else will receive it, leaving you wondering “why are these guys posting but not responding to me?” This happens frequently despite our diligence. Please help us avoid this by using email to contact us about order updates.

Another rule – we do not post information about individual orders in post comments on any social media platform. We do not monitor our posts and ads for this kind of communication, so you will be left waiting for someone to check-in on posts after hours. Even if we did monitor our posts for this kind of request it’s completely inappropriate and against our privacy policy to post information about individual orders in response to a public comment from someone we can’t identify. Surprisingly we get this all the time and we understand why it happens. When you place an order with us the details of your order stay between us no matter what.

One Last Thing...

I’ve used the cliché “we don’t cut corners” too many times in the past, but it applies even more today. We’re moving fast, but we won’t be shipping any half-ass work. With that said, back to it.


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