Dual 3" Exhaust Tip Merge

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The most challenging part of any dual tip exhaust build is always the tip merge. Without the right equipment, building this simple transition can be a total nightmare. Trying to find one sized correctly for your project is equally challenging. In response to our customers' frustration we've created a universal dual tip merge that gets the job done with ease.

Unlike other 'universal' products on the market, our exhaust tip merge is sized to be used on high performance exhaust systems. We offer inlets in 2.5" and 3" - the most common exhaust sizes in our industry. Inlets are available in weld-on or clamp-on fitments to suit your fabrication abilities. Outlets are sized and spaced for 3" OD exhaust tips with 2.5" inlets. Tips can be clamped on or welded to the merge.


This exhaust tip merge is available with a choice of 2.5" or 3" inlet size. The size of the inlet piping should match the size of your exhaust piping. If your exhaust is a different size, additional custom fabrication may be required. Please contact us to discuss available options. 

Inlet piping is available in a choice of weld-on or clamp-on fitment. Weld-on fitment is intended to be butt-welded to existing exhaust pipe of matching size. Clamp-on fitment is intended to slide over and clamp to exhaust pipe of matching size. Slots in the piping and a stainless steel T-bolt clamp allow for a solid clamp-on fit.


Our exhaust tip merge is fabricated in-house using mandrel bent 304 stainless steel tubing. Production tooling is used to ensure accurate cuts and exact fitment of every component. TIG welding holds it all together. Before shipping, our finishing department applies a fine brushed finish to each merge.

What Tips Can I Use?

You can use any exhaust tip that measures 3" outer diameter and reduces to 2.5" inner diameter. Any style of exhaust tip can be used - single wall, double wall, rolled edge, slash cut, DTM, etc. Tips can be clamped on or welded on. We offer a selection of tips perfect for use with this merge. Browse our Exhaust Tips and look for anything 3" outer diameter.

Looking For Inspiration?

All of our dual tip exhaust systems use a variation of this merge. We use the exact same spacing on nearly all of our dual tip systems. Throughout our Exhaust System line you'll see this merge used with single wall, double wall, and staggered tip setups.

Fitment Information

This product is intended for use in a custom fabrication project. Successful fitment is the responsibility of the installer. If you have any questions about this product please contact us.

See photo above with added dimensions. All exhaust tip merges measure 7.5" long and 5.75" wide. Tips are placed 3.25" apart ON CENTER. Inlet piping length is provided as pictured regardless of connection method or pipe size. Clamp-on inlets are expanded 1.75" deep.

This exhaust tip merge may be modified as needed. Overall lengths are provided for slip-on/clamp-on fitment of the merge and the tips. If you're using weld-on tips you may shorten the merge by up to 3.5". Reference the dimensional drawing above for guidelines. Areas shaded in green can be trimmed as needed for an overall length as short as 4". Modification and welding should be performed by a professional.

Tips over 3" OD will NOT fit. Before purchasing, be sure to MEASURE for available space. When assembled, a clamp-on merge with slip on tips can be quite long. Shorter weld-on tips and a weld-on merge may be necessary in your application. Once this merge touches a tip or an exhaust pipe it cannot be returned. Before ordering, please measure. If in doubt - contact us. We're here to help.

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