Exhaust Options Explained

Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel systems are straight-forward. We build your system using 304 stainless wherever possible. Starting with the flanges, we use 3/8" thick 304 stainless steel for every flange. Flanges are cut with precision on our OMAX Waterjet. Piping is mandrel bent per system using our CNC Mandrel Bender. We use the highest quality 304 stainless tubing designed for mandrel bending. Mild steel components such as 02 bungs and hangers are replaced with 304 stainless steel equivalents. We even replace the hardware with stainless steel bolts & copper locking nuts. Nothing is left to chance.

V-band Flanges

42 Draft Designs now offers v-band connection flanges with our stainless steel exhaust systems. Compared to 3-bolt flanges, exhaust systems built with v-band flanges are easier to install and adjust. V-band connections don't require a gasket, and can be serviced with a single tool. Overall, v-band flanges speed-up initial install and repair work.

Our v-band flanges are CNC machined in-house from 304 stainless steel. We've created a male/female fitment specification for our flanges which aids in sealing the connection. We use Clampco stainless steel v-band clamps. Due to the material cost and manufacturing time, v-bands will remain a premium option.

Beware Of Shiny Junk

We are well aware that the internet is full of shiny stainless steel exhaust systems sold for unbelievable prices. These "stainless steel" systems are hardly exhaust systems. They are barely stainless steel and almost always a poor copy of an US or European system. The material used to make these systems is not certified or regulated. It's mostly US scrap metal shipped back on empty cargo ships. There's no telling what "grade" this material is. It's much thinner than advertised and typically breaks at the hot spot. What they claim are stainless steel flanges are really just thin, plasma cut hot roll steel flanges dipped in a chrome bath. Most of the time their "TIG" welds are just sloppy dress-up passes over MIG welds that are way too hot. There's more to tell, but I think we've made our point.

42 Draft Designs uses ONLY the finest North American made 304 stainless steel. We're not messing around. Our material is certified grade 304 stainless steel. We maintain our 16 gauge pipe thickness and 3/8" flange thickness when building our stainless steel systems. Every joint is meticulously TIG welded. Nothing is ground, sanded, brushed, polished, coated or otherwise covered up.

In the end, our attention to detail and demanding material choices are reflected in the value of this upgrade. When compared side-by-side with the competition our stainless steel fabrication always stand out. We use better materials that are proven to stand the test of time. We put more time and more care into each of our stainless steel exhaust systems than anyone in the business. We don't hide sloppy work by polishing our systems.