Exhaust System FAQ

Please Read Before Purchasing ANY Aftermarket Exhaust System

Will your downpipe rub or vibrate?

Absolutely not. Our downpipe design accurately centers the tubing and flex section in-between the firewall and the steering rack while taking motor movement into account. We've proven over the life of this downpipe that our pipe routing is excellent and causes no rubbing or vibrations. Thanks to our precision fixtures we're able to build and ship the same downpipe with confidence day-in/day-out.

What are the specs of your catalytic converter?

We use high-flow catalytic converters. The body is typically made from 400 series stainless steel. The catalyst is metal with a minimum 200 cell/inch density. It is EPA rated for engines up to 6.2 liters and vehicles up to 6000 pounds. Our catalytic converter is 48 state street legal. (Excluding California & New York)

42 Draft Designs has been using Magnaflow catalytic converters for over 10 years. We have shipped thousands of units with fantastic results. Magnaflow has consistently provided us with high-quality catalytic converters and we're pleased to incorporate their products in our own.

What size is the stock adaptor?

The stock adaptor is 2.55"/65mm in diameter. Our adaptor is designed to slide into the OEM sleeve clamp.

What’s that burning smell?

The exhaust should smell like burning oil for about 100 miles. There are oils on the metals leftover from manufacturing. Once burned off, this smell will never return.

Will this downpipe change the sound of my exhaust?

Yes. The increase in pipe size and the change in catalytic converter will alter the exhaust note. There are too many variables to provide a definitive answer, but the exhaust will become louder.