Mk5 & Golf R FSI Stealth Oil Catch Can Solution (AN Fittings)

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Trap the oil vapors emitted by the PCV system before before they have the opportunity to reach the air intake system with our oil catch can. Our inlet and outlet fittings are made from ¾” tubing, the same basic size as the OEM PCV fittings and hoses. Larger inlet and outlet fittings allow for uninterrupted flow from the PCV vent to the can and back. As PCV gases enter our catch can they disperse and turn upwards, forced to flow through a series of four filter screens.  Accumulated oil and gunk collect at the bottom of the tank. A bottom drain allows the tank to be drained without removing the entire catch can.

Built to function, our stealth can accomplishes the fundamental job of an oil catch can without any additional thought or modification. Bead rolled inlet and outlet fittings allow connection of 3/4" tubing. Inside, four filter screens create a maze for the PCV gases to navigate allowing oil droplets to collect as lighter gases pass. Gravity lends a hand, collecting the oil and gunk at the bottom of the can. A bottom drain allows the can to be drained at any time.

Minimized by design, the stealth can skips adjustable features in order to achieve a discrete look. Vertical and horizontal mounting brackets are permanently welded to the back of the can. Inlet and outlet fittings oppose the mounting brackets, placed inline with each other and the bottom drain. Press-formed top and bottom caps offer a smooth, factory look without any logos or markings.

What's Included

  • Stealth Oil Catch Can 1/2" NPT
  • Mk5 2.0T FSI Catch Can Conversion Plate (1/2" NPT)
  • Mk5/6 Stealth Catch Can Mounting Bracket
  • (Assembled with hose ends) AN Catch Can Braided Hose
  • (4) AN Catch Can Hose End
  • (4) AN Catch Can Adapter
  • Mk5 PCV Plug & Tap

Fitment Guidelines

  • This kit is not compatible with European models that have a charcoal canister in front of the engine mount. Alternate mounting is required.
  • If used, the factory engine cover must be slightly modified to clear the PCV hoses.

Fits 2006+ VW Mk5 Golf, Jetta, GTI 2.0T FSI & Mk6 Golf R FSI ONLY

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