OEM VW Turbo-Downpipe Lock Nut

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This locking nut is used to bolt the downpipe to the turbocharger on most turbo VWs and Audis. It is threaded M10x1.5. It is machined from steel, zinc plated, and deformed to create a mechanical thread lock that's immune to heat and vibration. It installs using a 17mm socket.

Although 3 are pictured, these nuts are sold individually. Order the quantity that you need based on the number of studs in your turbo. We do not include these nuts with our hardware kits because the factory nuts can be reused 2-3 times.

Fitment Information

These nuts have been tested to fit:

Mk4 1.8T K03 Downpipes (4 required)
Mk4 1.8T K04 Downpipes (3 required)
Audi TT 180 FWD & Quattro Downpipes (4 required)
Audi TT 225 Quattro Downpipes (3 required)
Mk5 FSI/TSI Downpipes (4 required)

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